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Mastering Quality: Our ISO9001 Recertification

We just passed our ISO9001 Recertification audit, and we are proud to share BSIs' opinion. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory affairs, maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction is paramount. At AGCI, this commitment to excellence has been reaffirmed through our recent completion of the recertification audit. BSI evaluated our processes, methods, and practices to ensure alignment with standard requirements and our management system. We are humbled by the areas where we've excelled and motivated by those where we can continue to improve.

The following were confirmed by BSI: 

1. Leadership that Fosters Excellence. Strong leadership and commitment of the management team in managing risks and opportunities and implementing activities to improve our Quality Management System (QMS), customer satisfaction, and overall business performance.

2. Embracing Growth Opportunities.  Although 2022 Quality Objectives were not fully achieved, actions are being taken to continuously improve performance and efficiency.

3. Listening to Our Clients. [We] take client complaints seriously and implement CAPAs to address root causes.

4. Elevating Internal Audit Processes. A greatly improved internal audit process with a focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

5. Fulfilling Orders, Exceeding Expectations. Order fulfillment with a complete review of customer requirements and expectations; information traceability and overall focus on meeting customer expectations.

6. Masters of Project Management. Effective project management controls and monitoring are in place, and qualified people and outside experts have been designated. Controls for managing customer information are all covered in the Licensale Security Agreement.

7. Celebrating Success, Welcoming Challenges.  We've had the privilege of avoiding any major customer complaints, a testament to our tireless efforts to put our clients first. This achievement inspires us to keep raising the bar and embracing new challenges.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our valued clients. Your support and constructive feedback have been instrumental in shaping our organization. As we continue to strive for excellence, we recognize that our successes are a result of a collaborative effort—a partnership that fuels our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Here's to a future filled with shared successes and mutual growth.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story.

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